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Heavenly Night

choral concert with jazz

Mausoleum of the Silesian Piasts

What does immortality sound like?
How long does the soul fly to heaven?
What will happen after us?

These are questions no one knows the answers to. Neither does our concert. We only give space. We fill a baroque mausoleum with a clash of worlds: Gregorian chant and improvisations. In this way we combine old and new, past and present, divine and human.

We only fill the air with vibrations, but if you are willing to let yourself be carried away by these vibrations and immerse yourself in our world, you will soar high above the world with us.
The chorale we will present will come from, among other sources, the Cistercian collection from Krzeszów.

Schola Gregoriana Grissoviensia
Rev. Dr. Łukasz Kutrowski - conducting
Michał Podżus - trumpet


Chorał: Witaj
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