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Music of the Abbot


Church of Saint Wawrzyniec, Krzeszówek
at 19.00

During this intimate concert, we will hear the music that was heard in the Abbot's palace for centuries.  To create a unique, homely atmosphere, the church will illuminate the candlelight and the scent of incense. The stunning beauty of music will allow us to move back several centuries and better understand today's Krzeszów.

We divided the evening into several parts:

I. Popular songs from the old days

II. The Lenten cycle of intavolation

III. Instrumental arias

IV. Popular opera arias arranged for a lute


Anna Wiktoria Swoboda - lute

Anna Zawisza - singing


Foreword, materials preparation, arrangement: Dr. Grzegorz Joachimiak

photo by Michał Ramus

Lutnia: Witaj

Anna Zawisza and Anna Wiktoria Swoboda specialize in performing early music in line with historical performance practice. They cooperate with great artists, incl. Vincent Dumester or Peter Kooij. They give concerts as soloists and chamber musicians in various ensembles in Poland and abroad. Fascinated by the music of the 17th and 18th centuries - both known and completely forgotten today - and the possibilities offered by lute instruments in combination with the voice, they create programs illustrating specific themes and styles emerging in the Renaissance and Baroque periods.

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